CWO Bobby Girouard Branch

CWO Bobby Girouard Branch, Alberta, The Royal Canadian Regiment

CWO Bobby Girouard Branch Alberta - The RCR Association

The Royal Canadian Regiment Association is a component of The RCR Regimental Family consisting of serving and former CF members and their families who have served with the Regiment.

It exists to perpetuate the close bonds of comradeship and esprit de corps created by members of The Royal Canadian Regiment in order:

  • to preserve the memory of those who have died in service with the Regiment;
  • to assist the sick, wounded and needy who have served in the Regiment;
  • to assist widows and children of deceased members;
  • to maintain the Regiment's memorials;
  • to assist in developing, for historical purposes, the Regiment's history;
  • but most importantly to foster comradeship.

As an Association of serving and former serving members of the Canadian Forces, our ethos is based upon the disposition of our Regiment and the character and spirit instilled upon us as individuals as a result of our service. From this we derive the morals that direct our individual and collective actions for the remainder of our lives. Our ethos is encapsulated both in our Regimental motto "Pro Patria" and the Regimental Slogan "Never Pass A Fault"


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